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Software Testing

Objectives of Software Testing

Introduction: Quality software is crucial in today’s technologically advanced environment. As developers, we endeavor to create programs that not only work properly, but also give users a smooth and delightful experience. However, obtaining this degree of competence is not easy. This is where software testing comes in; it is the foundation that assures our software […]

Manual Testing

Learn About Different Types of Manual Testing

The software development process still depends on manual testing to deliver  to meet the requirements and the user expectation. But what exactly manual testing is , and what are the many types that testers use? Let’s explore the several types that maintain software at the highest level by going into the field of manual test. […]

Pairwise Testing

Pairwise Testing – What It Is, When & How to Perform?

Efficiency and thoroughness are crucial components in software testing. Because of the multitude of possible combinations of inputs and parameters in software systems exhaustive testing can however soon become impractical. Pairwise testing is a potent technique to achieve the best coverage with minimal effort. Discover purpose timing and execution of pairwise tests in this blog. […]

Steps for SAP Testing


In today’s ever changing business landscape companies heavily depend on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to streamline their activities, optimize resources and boost overall efficiency. Among the array of ERP solutions in the market SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) shines as a tier and encompassing platform. So what exactly do SAP and […]

Manual testing vs Automated Testing services

Manual Testing Vs. Automated Testing

Testing is an essential part of all SDLC approaches. Whether you use a waterfall or agile model, there is always space for testing. It helps in identifying and fixing bugs before they become an issue. To find bugs in applications, most testers use Manual testing or automated testing approach. Testing comprises many different types of […]

OTT testing services

OTT Testing: Importance And Detailed Process

With enormous advancements in network technology and device hardware components, a new era of content consumption and streaming has arisen. Today there are hundreds of OTT platforms for different types of visual media consumption, and they all work so seamlessly. But have you ever imagined how all these platforms have a responsive design, excellent browser […]

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