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Indian software tester

Every day, businesses develop and deploy thousands of applications, but only a fraction succeed. This is because of user-friendliness and how well a mobile app performs across devices. Both these items play a significant role in the success of any application, and they rely on software testing. There is hardly any enterprise app that was made bug-free from the start. Bugs are natural in software applications, and they can be removed through multiple iterations of fixing and testing, but if they aren’t handled correctly, they can raise serious security concerns. Many companies do not have enough QA resources, and they rely on offshore software testing companies in India for all their product testing needs. Such service providers have large teams of experienced and skilled testers that can take on challenging testing projects involving Load & performance testing, UI UX testing, API testing, IoT testing, etc with ease. There are many QA companies in Ahmedabad that provide such services, and finding the best among them is a bit challenging. If you are looking to hire Indian software testers for your projects, you are at the right place.
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By the end of this article, you will understand the process of hiring software testers and things to keep in mind while hiring them. So let’s get started.

:: Things to Keep In Mind While Hiring Testers ::

Working Hours and Team Overlap
In India, the companies that provide software testing services usually accept clients’ working hours and team overlap requirements. If you are going to hire from India, you need to keep in mind Indian working hours which are from 10 AM to 6 PM IST. Most companies operate on these timings if there are no special requirements from the clients, and you can expect your testers to be active during these times. Moreover, if there is any need for overlap, Indian software testers can work half of their time in your timezone and the other half in the Indian timezone. Through such arrangements, you can collaborate with the testing team seamlessly, and the testers will also be available to explain bugs to your team members.

Attention To Detail and Communication Skills
Software testing is all about finding errors that others might have missed. Attention to detail is a primary skill that a software tester can have. Such professionals must look carefully through your products and find bugs or unnatural behavior in the application. Finding the bugs is not the only thing software testers do; they also have to report them to concerned developers and
teams. For this, excellent communication skills are required. When hiring software testers, always keep in mind to find the best tester by assessing their capability to pay attention to details and spot differences. Moreover, also assess communication skills at various levels to understand the candidate’s approach to articulating the results from their work.

Past Experience and Certifications
Hiring a fresher software developer may seem like a cost-effective option at first, but you have to pay its price at a later point when bugs go unnoticed. When you are in the market to find good
QA resources, always have a look at the past experience of the candidate. If you need to test any AI product, it is always better to hire experienced testers. To find out exceptional QA professionals, you can even look for relevant certifications in the area which verify their skills and capability to test complex web applications. At this point, you know the things to keep in mind while hiring software testers and all you need is to understand the process to do so. Hence, let’s have a look at the process of hiring Indian software testers for offshore projects.

:: Process of Hiring Indian Software Testers For Offshore Project::

Understand Your Requirements Well
The first step in hiring testers is to understand your requirements well. This is the most crucial step in the hiring process and mistakes you make here can prove costly. At this stage, you should also understand what type of application you are looking to test, whether you want to test the apps manually or do you want to automate the testing procedure. Selecting the testing procedure at this stage will help you understand the pricing and skills to look for and how many testers you need to hire to complete your task successfully. Before you start looking at candidate profiles, prepare an ideal candidate profile for your need. This profile should include the skills you are looking for in a tester, experience level, location, salary ranges, etc. This candidate profile can help you filter out the right candidates quickly.

Search For the Right Candidates
Once you have understood your requirements, it is time to search for candidates. Though there are various ways to find candidates, you should start by making a job post on platforms like Upwork or Freelancer.com to attract testing service providers. Simultaneously you can also research the best testing service providers in India and contact some of the top companies from that list. These companies will have teams of software testers that can be engaged for your projects or hired to perform testing services for your products. You can enquire about some resources from these companies and shortlist some of them to take the process forward.

Conduct Robust Interviews
Setting up the interviews correctly is the key to finding great software testers. Without a robust interview process, you may end up setting the bar too low and hiring substandard testers. To protect yourself from such situations, always shortlist a fraction of testers from multiple offshore service providers. In this way, you can always have options during the interview stage. To find the correct software tester, create interview rounds where the tester tests an application during a live interview. During this time, you should also assess his communication skills to understand if the candidate can explain the bug back to your team members.

Do a Background Check
Once some testers clear your interviews, it is time for research. At this stage of the process, you may have more options to choose from than what you need. So, you’ll have to research each
candidate’s background and understand their relevance to your current requirements. By the end of this stage, you should significantly narrow down your choices and prepare for onboarding.

Onboard the Best
At this stage, you have completed the process of hiring testers for offshore projects, but you need to onboard the best. Here you should onboard the testers that fit most of your requirements as well as have a solid background in software testing with offshore service providers.

Feel free to reach out to us if you are considering hiring Indian software testers for an offshore project.



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