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To Improve Performance of Your Application

In today’s fast-paced software development environment, delivering high-quality software products quickly is crucial for businesses to remain competitive. However, delivering software quickly does not mean compromising on quality. That’s where our end-to-end API testing services come into play. Our services are designed to accelerate your software delivery process while ensuring that your APIs perform flawlessly. We offer a comprehensive range of testing services that cover all aspects of API testing, including functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and more. By partnering with PrimeQA, a leading API testing company in India, you can minimize risk and ensure the quality of your APIs, ultimately delivering better software products to your customers faster. Our team of software QA testers is committed to helping you achieve your goals and take your software delivery process to the next level.

What is API Testing?

API testing is the process of evaluating and validating the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of an application programming interface (API). It involves a series of tests, including functional, integration, performance, and security testing, to ensure that the API is functioning as intended and meets the requirements of the software application. API testing is essential for ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications, and it can be done manually or automated, depending on the complexity of the API and the scope of testing required. By identifying and resolving issues in the API, developers can ensure that the application is stable, secure, and performs optimally.

API Testing services company in India and USA

Explore The Benefits Of API Testing

Improved software quality
API testing reports include issues related to functionality, performance, security, and more. By detecting and fixing issues early in the development cycle, API testing can help reduce the likelihood of bugs and issues affecting the end users, resulting in a better user experience and improved business outcomes.
Universal Language Understanding
By testing for language understanding, API testing can help ensure that different components can interpret and communicate with each other effectively, providing a seamless user experience. This is especially important in multi-lingual environments, where APIs need to be able to understand and communicate in different languages.
By automating API testing, developers can save time and effort, reducing the cost of testing. Additionally, by detecting issues early in the development cycle, API testing can help prevent costly downtime or maintenance required due to issues that could have been caught earlier through testing. This can help save significant costs.
Test for Core Functionality
By testing for core functionality, API testing can help ensure that the software application meets the requirements of end-users and provides a seamless user experience. This can include functionality related to data retrieval, data storage, and user authentication, and ensuring software is stable and reliable, resulting in improved results.

API Testing Methodology We Follow

Our API testing methodology involves a series of steps, including planning, designing, executing, and reporting. The first step in the methodology is to define the scope and objectives of the API testing. This includes identifying the API endpoints, input parameters, expected results, and success criteria. Once the scope is defined, the next step is to design the API tests, including functional, performance, and security tests. The tests are then executed using automated or manual testing methods, and the results are reported and analyzed. We also include continuous testing and feedback, where API tests are integrated into the development process, providing real-time feedback and enabling developers to quickly identify and resolve issues. Overall, a well-defined API testing methodology is essential for ensuring the quality, performance, and reliability of software applications and can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the development process.


API Testing Services We Offer

Automated API Testing

API testing involves writing scripts to simulate API requests and validate the API responses, helping to quickly identify functional and performance issues.

Functionality Testing

Focuses on functional requirements of API, and involves testing the API for its ability to perform specific functions or tasks, ensuring that it meets the requirements of end-users.

Reliability Testing

Reliability testing can help identify issues related to scalability, availability, and performance, helping to improve the overall quality of the API.

Load Testing

This involves simulating a large number of requests to the API, ensuring that it can handle high volumes of traffic without experiencing downtime or other issues.

Security Testing

Security testing is a type of API testing that focuses on testing the API for security vulnerabilities. Testing can help ensure that the API is secure and protected.

Negative Testing

We intentionally provide incorrect or unexpected inputs to the API to test how it responds, ensuring that it can handle unexpected user behavior without crashing.


Why Choose PrimeQA For API Testing?

  • We have a team of experienced API testers who have in-depth knowledge of various API testing tools and techniques, ensuring that your APIs are tested thoroughly and accurately.
  • We have experience working with a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce, and can provide industry-specific API testing services that meet your unique requirements.
  • We follow an agile testing methodology that allows us to quickly adapt to changing requirements and provide real-time feedback, helping you to achieve faster time-to-market.
  • We offer cost-effective API testing services that help you to reduce testing costs while ensuring high-quality testing.

Outsource API Testing Services to PrimeQA

Our team of experienced API testers can help you to improve the quality of your APIs and ensure that they perform as intended.

By outsourcing API testing to PrimeQA, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on hiring and training an in-house team.

This can help you to focus on your core business activities while still ensuring that your APIs are thoroughly tested and validated.

PrimeQA can also provide you with access to the latest testing tools and technologies, enabling you to benefit from state-of-the-art testing infrastructure without investing in it yourself. Our team can also provide you with real-time feedback on API performance, allowing you to quickly identify and address any issues that may arise.

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FAQ Ask Any Thing About
Our Works & Company.

What kind of return on ROI should we expect?

"You get cost benefit with Testing team in India, years of experience & expertise by fixed competitive monthly pricing. Building a similar team using in-house employees will cost you twice as much. The cost increases if you start using contractors or consulting companies.
A Tester could come in at any stage, but we advise bringing them on at the earliest stages to minimize effort necessary for fixing problems related to inefficient processes, lack of resources, or poor testing tools."

What kind of projects do you handle?

We focus mainly on Software Testing Projects. We help you to build bug free systems. We can handle any size project, from Automation Testing , Functional Testing, Non Functional Testing to Web service testing done through various testing method and tools.

Will working in different time zones be a problem?

Operating across very different time zones can work well if you use the time zone difference to your advantage. Let’s say you base on the East Coast of the United States, we have a testing team in India which means Tester’s time zone being 9 hours ahead of EST. By the time your staff in the US arrive at work, everything is complete and they’re able to start their day. This approach works if the tasks required of each team are self-contained and allow each group to work in isolation, with little need for collaboration across time zones. Any questions the testers had for you could be raised at the start of your day, allowing you (hopefully) to have the answers ready by the time the testers arrived back at work. Also our teams are flexible to work outside our usual working hours in the evening, and still be available when the client needs them.

What industries do you have experience with?

" However, we do believe that we can learn an industry rather quickly. What’s important are our skills and experience in communicating and testing, to determine and implement the right business requirements. This makes sure we do exactly what you need and not what we think you need.

We have expertise in:
1. Finance
2. Real Estate
3. Healthcare
4. Ecommerce
5. Insurance
6. Education
8. Trade
9. Many more"

Why not simply hire an full time employee?

"You will need to find a good employee, the total cost of a Senior Tester is higher if you factor in the costs of hiring, HR, legal, hardware, office space, bonuses, increases, taxes and management time. We gives you a Senior Tester without the extra costs and worries with various resources and processes of a Software Testing company.

The best reasons to choose us:
1.Unclear and unstructured QA process
2.Instability of automated tests
3.Quality of the product is not as good as expected
4.Lack of transparency and control
5.Not enough QA / testing resources
6.QA activities cost too much
7.Implementation of modern methodologies required
8. Flexible engagement models to suit your project requirements"

Why PrimeQA ?

"Partnership with an independent software testing company minimizes risks, costs and ultimately, delivers superior user experiences that win in the marketplace.

We will build your own QA team to execute it over the long-term. The team points out software gaps by defining a unique QA testing strategy for your business. Software QA services bring engaging experts, a range of software testing tools, fair pricing, and successful product release."

When can PrimeQA Solutions help?

"We can help in the following cases:
1. The project has no structured QA process.
2. Quality of the product is not high enough for current requirements.
3. Looking to streamline the QA methodologies.
4. When the current QA team does not have enough experience and technical background."

We like the idea, but are unsure. Can we do a Pilot?

"We can provide examples of our previous work as well as develop a free proof of concept to prove our skills. PrimeQA Solution welcomes you to try our solutions. You may choose to have us do a Pilot Project. We have always succeeded in continuing the relationship after demonstration of ability in a pilot project.

Our preferred Pilot Project is either the first sub-system of a larger project, or an independent project that completes within itself. Pilot Projects are typically within 1-2 weeks' duration.

We invest the same time and energy in Pilot Projects as real projects. You would find the pilot of sufficient quality to continue on the same testing strategy . In this sense, Pilots are very different from prototypes."

What benefits can you guarantee?

"All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:

1. Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential
2. Price guarantee: Minimum 50% cost-saving over on-site development
3. Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end."

How many overlapping hours of work do you provide?

We provide at least 4 hours of overlapping work. In most cases, this is enough for our clients and their teams.

Will QA team members have other projects in parallel?

No, your team won’t jump from project to project. They are guaranteed to work exclusively on your project. As a result, each of the team members knows the project in details and is able to Test any part of the application

QA team available to participate in daily/weekly calls?

Yes—they are your team members and follow the project rules.

My Project secrets & information safe with you?

All information is kept confidential. PrimeQA Solution will NOT use this information other than for direct communication between you and the company.

Will I own all of the deliverable produced by PrimeQA?

Yes, you will. All deliverable created by your Offshore Team are considered "work made for hire," and the intellectual property rights embodied in it are your sole and exclusive property.