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JUNE 03, 2024
Functional TESTING
 E-commerce platform
Shopify Testing for ecommerce Platform: Ivalo

About e-Commerce platform Ivalo

  • Ivalo is aEuropean based e-commerce platform for fashion is a specialized online marketplace designed to sell apparel, accessories, footwear, and other fashion-related items. It integrates various tools and features to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers and efficient management for sellers.
  • It has various functionalities to ensure a smooth user friendly experience for customers across all the stages of their journey on the platform such as Product display, personalization’s& recommendations, secure payment and checkout and many more managed by Shopify themes from backend.

Problem and challenges faced

  • As this is customer facing e-commerce website so content was highly dynamic and required extensive functional and UI Testing.
  • It was not possible for stakeholders and developer to perform extensive backend testing as well on Shopify themes used in business
  • Most of the product images were being changed on daily basis and UI bugs were not identified and tracked on code level
  • Due to dynamic change and vast customer reach, ensuring user acceptance across all platform and multiple languages was very difficult

Our Solution

  • Firstly, we made sure that UI does not break at any point for customer flow. To ensure that, continuous UI testing was performed by the team across all the possible platforms that customer can use
  • Secondly, we ensured 100% working of all the functionalities which were included in customer’s purchase flow.
  • After the basic happy flow testing was performed, we ensured to cover negative flow as well to ensure the consistency of the website throughout.
  • We suggested QA testing at component level of the Shopify backend used, where in newly added & already existing backed components for various webpages were tested.
  • This was done by adding and modifying the Shopify backend at component level extensively by QA team and making sure that changes are reflected as expected in UI across all the platforms and various languages which were part of the website.
  • Additionally, functional modifications of newly added features were also made from Shopify backend to make sure that UI displays perfect content which stake holders were trying to deliver to customers.
  • Finally, all the tests performed were recorded and documented so that it can be presented to stakeholders for business needs.

Requirementsexpected by client

  • Client wanted to ensure that Testing is performed across all the different aspects of the website.
  • This ensured smooth UI UX for the customers and profit to business.

Tools and Technologies

  • Various Mobile platforms were tested on Browserstack and response mode of browser.
  • Shopify backend theme components were used to test the changes.
  • Click up was used to track the development of features and tracking of bugs logged.

Benefits to client

  • Extensive testing ensured that there are no issues present in the system at component level of Shopify backed.
  • Eliminated the risk of UI break at customer end, as all components went through multiple rounds functionally testing across all platforms and different languages.
  • Images and content displayed was the most crucial part of the business which was taken care of by QA team as different types of contents and images were added and tested from Shopify backend such as adding images of different sizes & quality and changing text content dynamically in different sizes and fonts.
  • Risks associated with UI for customer on different devices was also mitigated as responsiveness of the website with respect to changes in backend was also covered parallelly.
  • All of the above ensured a smooth and successful online shopping experience for customers.