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Selenium is an automation testing tool that is available freely because of the open-source license. Though it is free to use, it is complex, and due to this, there are different costs associated with it. Many companies look for Selenium Python testing services in India to help them create, execute, and report automation tests, but before hiring one, the cost needs to be understood correctly. 

If you are in the market to understand the cost of selenium python testing services in India, you are at the right place. In this article, we will understand the different factors affecting the cost of selenium testing.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Selenium Testing

  • Application Complexity

Automation testing tools are often used to test applications that are complex in nature and take a lot of time to test manually. When an application is complex, it is not easy to write test cases for it, and this adds up to the cost. Suppose you have an application with multiple complex flows, and some of them are dependent on the previous flow to complete; it is harder to write test cases that correctly target the resources. 

When you have a highly complex enterprise application, selenium testing companies will charge you more for testing those applications as more resources and time will go into writing correct tests for such applications. On the other hand, simpler apps can be tested at lesser costs without requiring any special attention. 

  • Other Technologies Being Used

While Selenium is an open-source tool, testing teams often use multiple other tools like Apache Jmeter, Bugzilla, Snipping Tool, Nagios, etc and technologies with Selenium to provide the right data for each test case that is executed. Teams may use technologies and tools to feed data to test cases, take screenshots upon encountering issues, provide the steps to recreate the bug, report the bug on various platforms, etc. 

All the above features require the usage of additional tools, and that also plays a crucial role in the costs. Suppose you want to log defects in some project management tool like Jira or Asana; you’ll have to purchase the license for those tools, and it will be a recurring cost throughout the project. 

  • Learning and Training

Selenium is a tool that is quite hard to master. Due to this, many companies do not realize the power of selenium and think that it is not a good tool. But in reality, teams and developers need to spend a lot of time learning and doing hands-on testing with the tool to actually get hold of it. 

Automation testers need to learn a programming language if they want to write test cases on their own, which is not easy work. Moreover, other supporting technologies for logging, reporting, and monitoring also need to be learned in order to write the best test cases. 

All the learning and implementation takes significant time, and due to this, the cost of testing projects is influenced greatly. Moreover, the demand for experienced selenium testers is high, and the supply is quite low due to the steep learning curve. This imbalance also contributes to higher prices. 

  • Environment Setup

Setting up the environment for automation testing is not an easy feat. You need to set up and maintain testing infra, including various types of mock servers, virtual machines, and other devices to replicate production environments during the test phase. 

Apart from setting up the servers, the code also needs to be deployed on those servers for testing purposes, and scripts for running automated tests are set up. After doing all the setup, it is important to maintain that setup is identical to production environments throughout the development phase so all test results are accurate. 

During the environment setup phase, testers also need to add reporting capabilities so the identified bugs are directly reported along with their environment details for easy debugging and solution of the issues. 

  • Script Creation and Review

Writing test scripts for selenium automation testing takes significant time, and even more time is spent in reviewing the code. When testers have to learn the framework and the underlying language to implement the test scripts, it often takes more time and effort for all team members who are included in it. 

Moreover, selenium test scripts need to be maintained regularly, and any change in the code that triggers a functionality needs to be correctly updated. Suppose you have a button with the class login_button, but later on, it gets changed to loginButton. Your tests will not trigger, and they will fail unless you make both classes the same. 

Many times, test cases need to be reviewed multiple times to ensure that the right things are being tested, and this review also takes effort and time, which contributes to testing costs. 

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