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Functional Testing

The primary aim of any software development company is to deliver high-quality software. One
of the ways to ensure quality in the developed software products is by testing them rigorously.
Software Testing is a process of checking that the developed software is working as expected and that there
are no bugs that are stopping the app or crashing it in the middle.

There are different types of testing techniques in the development industry, and one of them is end-to-
end testing. In this article, we will understand what end-to-end testing is and what are the
benefits you can realize by including it in your SDLC.

So let’s first understand what end-to-end testing is.

What is end-to-end testing services?

End-to-end testing is a method of testing the whole software product from start to finish to
guarantee that the application flow operates as planned. It outlines the system dependencies of
the product and guarantees that all connected elements perform as planned.
The primary aim of this testing type is to simulate a real-world usage scenario from the user’s
perspective and test the application to ensure every module works as required and the system
achieves its objectives.
Before diving into the benefits of end-to-end testing, it is better if we understand the end-to-end
testing lifecycle.

End-to-End QA Testing Lifecycle

Test Planning
Test planning is one of the most critical aspects of the testing lifecycle. In this step, a document
is prepared that covers all the test strategies, schedules, and estimations required to complete a
project’s end-to-end testing phase.
The test planning document serves as a baseline for the project’s testing activities, and it helps
stakeholders understand the effort and schedules of the testing phase. Writing a good test plan
is important to design and executing correct tests for a project.

Test Design
Once a test plan is developed and shared with the testing team, it is time for test design. In this
phase, how a product should be tested is identified. Test cases are identified and collected to be
used on the product.

If the system is entirely new, there will not be any data for testing, and test data needs to be
created. In this phase, test data is also created by understanding the test plan and features of
the project.
Once the tests are designed, the schedule to run them is also finalized and communicated to

Test Execution
Test execution is the phase where the effectiveness of the planning and design stages is
uncovered. Here the test execution is carried out by QA engineers and SDETs together. In this
phase, the tests that were written are executed based on the decided test strategies and

Result Analysis
After the tests are executed, it is time to gather the results and present the findings in the form
of reports. In this phase, the results are analyzed from the test execution phase, and key
metrics are identified. The number of scenarios passed during the test execution phase
determines the quality of the software you’ve developed.
After knowing the end-to-end testing phase, now is the time to move on to benefits. So let’s
understand the key benefits of end-to-end testing.

6 Key Benefits Of End-To-End SoftwareTesting

Enhanced Test Coverage
End-to-end mobile app testing enhances test coverage as it goes through everything in the app. End-to-End
testing covers all the parts of a software product. It includes scenarios that test every module
and feature of the app, and this is one of the best ways to test.
The more the test coverage, the more confident you can be in the developed software. Many
companies prefer end-to-end testing when they are a bit less confident about other testing
results. As this includes scenario-based testing, it will always provide a better picture of the
app’s overall performance.

Verifies Application Health
End-to-end testing confirms your software’s functionality at every level, from frontend to
backend, across various systems and overall features. Simultaneously, it gives insight into
application performance across multiple end-user situations to verify that the end-user
experience functions as planned.
Moreover, while you test the apps across different systems, you also get to benchmark the
performance and diagnose bottlenecks early on.

Reduced Risks
End-to-end testing involves evaluating the application code and features at each iteration and
feature release. Moreover, when all of the features and situations are combined, several tests
are done.
Numerous end-to-end testing cycles ensure that your risks are minimized and that practically
every problem is eradicated in the various testing rounds.

Reduced Time And Cost
With extensive testing at each iteration and fewer errors and breakdowns in published products,
end-to-end testing reduces the need to rerun tests or redo work, eventually lowering testing
costs and timelines.
Furthermore, because developers are not required to work on the same item again and over,
their productivity improves, and they may do more in less time, allowing for cost savings in
product development.

Catches More Bugs
End-to-end testing carried out in an Agile or DevOps context. It is typically done for each
iteration, which means faults are identified and rectified more quickly. This decreases the
likelihood of bugs becoming buried deep within a product, making them difficult to discover and
Because end-to-end testing is performed on each iteration, you may uncover and repair more
defects, reducing the time to market for your product.

Better User Experience
End-to-end testing may imitate real-world settings, allowing testers to find usability concerns
that may not be seen in individual program components. This also allows testers to utilize the
app from the perspective of a user to identify and resolve pain points easily.

Finally, end-to-end testing is critical if you want to build and distribute reliable software solutions.
It allows you to thoroughly test programs and discover pain points from a user’s perspective
before releasing them to customers. Hence, include this form of testing in your testing plans,
and you’ll see a substantial difference in the items you release following this testing. Contact PrimeQA Solutions for QA testing services in Ahmedabad, India.



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