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When outsourcing Selenium testing to India, you want to achieve great results while keeping costs minimum. But this can only be done when both parties are in sync. You may hire the
Ahmedabad-based selenium testing company, but you may not get good results if you don’t follow the best practices for collaboration with service providers and their teams. 

Hence, it is vital to understand best practices and stick to them throughout your interactions with testing service providers. By following best practices, you will often realize that collaborating with selenium testing service providers is not complicated. 

Best Practices For Collaboration With Selenium Testing Service Providers

  • Promote Regular Video Calls and Conferences

When you hire testing service providers in India, you will often be located in a different country, and the best way to increase collaboration is through regular video calls and conferences with team members. 

Invest and set up high-quality video call devices and tools to ensure you have a crisp experience while connecting with your teams across the globe. Moreover, you should also take subscriptions to other business chat and messaging applications that allow testing teams to communicate with your team members asynchronously. At the end of every sprint, conduct a call with the wider team members and try to understand how things can be improved moving forward so that it becomes easier for everyone to collaborate with each other. 

  • Integrate Cross-training

Many times, developers are not aware of how their code will be tested, and testers are not aware of how a functionality or feature was built and how it should be used. This causes serious issues between the teams, and team members often end up frustrated with each other. 

It is better to integrate cross-training among your teams so that they can understand the work of each other better and collaborate effectively in reaching product milestones.  

  • Start Testing Early

Testing is a process that should start early in the software development process. You should always try to start testing from the first sprint. This helps developers and testers understand each other, their features, and how the application is built from the ground up. Moreover, as the teams spend more time together, their collaboration will increase, and it will surely result in better and error-free delivery of features. 

By testing early, you can also fix the issues before they cause trouble in any production environment. 

  • Make Clear Documentation Necessary

Code review and clear documentation should be necessary. Code review is a process where developers or testers share their code with someone to review, and the reviewer will understand the code and provide suggestions to make the code better. Code review eliminates constant back-and-forth communication between developers and testers as the code is shared for testing after proper review. 

Moreover, when working with a service provider, it is necessary to have clear documentation of processes and test cases. This ensures that whenever some team members are not available, the documentation serves the need for solving doubts or issues. Clear documentation also facilitates collaboration as both teams can add their observations to the documentation, which will serve as evidence for future tests and issues. 

  • Adopt Agile

Agile is a development methodology that focuses on an iterative development cycle. With this approach, your developers will keep adding small features to the product, and testers will test it through multiple cycles. The iterative approach also enables cross-team collaboration between testers and developers. 

Moreover, agile is a flexible development methodology that allows you to change based on your team’s feedback and requirements easily. 

  • Try Overlapping Timezones

When working with service providers from different regions, there is a timezone difference that needs to be considered. You can opt for service providers who can overlap time zones with your teams. The cost of selenium python testing services in India with overlapping timezones may not be much, but the benefits of this are immense. 

By overlapping timezones, you can set up meetings in the overlapped times, and the other times, both teams can work on their tasks. With regular collaboration, everyone in the team will be informed of the happenings in the project, and there will be less chance of delays. 

  • Introduce Test Automation

When you want to deliver products faster and make fewer mistakes in the testing process, you need to adopt test automation using selenium. Automation testing helps testing service providers collaborate effectively with their development teams, understand the requirements, and come up with test cases suited for those requirements in a short span. Once both teams agree on the test cases, service providers can execute tests independently and come up with results so that they can collaborate with the developers and devise plans to remove the errors.

Coming to an end, working with service providers from India is always a pleasant experience, and you can make it seamless for everyone by following the best practices and promoting an open and collaborative culture. 



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