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Software testing services are quite prevalent, and there are various types of testing. You can opt for manual testing or automation testing, and recently, there has been a new introduction of
AI-driven test automation. While QA engineers did manual testing, it took a lot of time, effort, and money to test large applications, and there was a need to make the testing process faster
to deliver products quickly. That is when automation testing came into the picture. Automation testing was quite helpful in delivering high-quality software products, and the number of defects
also became less after adopting this testing process.

But as the scale of applications changed, and the shortage of experienced testers increased, AI-driven test automation was highly needed. AI-driven test automation is the process of testing
software by adopting AI in the testing process. With this change, the efficiency, accuracy, and scalability of software testing have moved to greater heights, and many companies have
already adopted this approach.

This article is for you if you have not adopted this approach yet. We will discuss how AI can help you with software testing services, and we will also look at the top tools that you can use.

So, let’s start with How AI can help you with Automated QA Services.

How Can AI Help?

1. Test Case Generation
Effective test case generation is important to test the application thoroughly, and AI can help a lot here. You can use AI models that can understand your application code as well as requirement documents, and the model will suggest the right test cases for the project. It can generate personalized test cases for your project, which will help you save a lot of time in test planning and test case generation.

2. Test Script Maintenance
Automation test scripts often become obsolete when the application changes or even a small change in the application requires a large change in the test automation script. AI can help you maintain test scripts in a way that they are relevant even after the application changes a bit. Suppose you change the response structure of an API. AI- based tests will accommodate this change easily, and they will work well with the new response structure without needing to change any test codebase at all.

3. Test Execution
Test execution is an area where AI can help your testing team a lot. With AI, you can execute test cases across platforms, devices, and infrastructures to ensure that your app performs as expected. Moreover, AI can also create various scenarios during test execution to cover edge cases for the system’s performance and scalability.

4. Continuous Testing
AI can be added to your build pipelines, and it will ensure that your applications are tested continuously. This continuous testing will take place whenever any new code is checked into your branch. By continuous testing, your final builds will always have the right and error-free codebase.

5. Bug Reporting
AI-powered automated tools can help you report bugs timely and precisely. Such tools can also help in recreating the bugs, clubbing them into various groups, and assigning them a priority based on their severity. Once the priority is set, automated triggers can be sent to the team stating the issue, and the bugs can be picked up by developers

6. Test Analytics
Test analytics is a great way where AI can be used. Every team wants to improve its deliveries, and analyzing test results manually might take significant time and effort. AI-powered testing tools can help you understand the common issues in your codebase, and such tools can also show the effectiveness of your test cases. Such insights can help you in test planning as well as in upskilling the team.

7. Performance Testing
Performance testing involves testing applications to their extremes and understanding performance issues. AI can be used in performance testing, and it can simulate user behavior and application usage patterns to mimic real-world scenarios, offering you an accurate measure of your application’s performance, scalability, and other aspects. After knowing how AI can help you and transform software testing, you might want to start using it.

Below are some software tools that can help you.

Top AI-Powered Test Automation Software

Parasoft is an AI-based test automation software that can help you in functional, performance, and security testing of complex applications. This product can also help you generate relevant
test cases, identify issues in the product, and execute the test cases. All of this will be done using its powerful AI.

Tricentis Tosca
Tricentis Tosca is a widely used test automation software that comes with AI abilities. The software uses AI to help generate test cases and optimize your app design. The best part about
using this tool is that it also allows you to do risk testing of your applications. This means all vulnerabilities are found using AI, and you can fix them based on the problem’s severity.

Sofy.AI is another powerful yet simple test automation tool that can help testers generate and manage test cases for their applications. While this tool does all the heavy lifting, testers can
focus on other aspects of the testing process to ensure that the product is well-tested and free from bugs.

UI Path Test Suite
UI Path is a widely used testing suite with a range of testing products under its umbrella. This software has great AI capabilities for test automation and execution. Moreover, the tool comes
with solid image recognition and text recognition algorithms, which are useful in testing applications across devices. It is the primary choice for organizations that are looking for reliable
and end-to-end software testing tools with AI capabilities.

Functionalize is an advanced AI-powered testing tool that can help in repairing broken test scripts, which are not relevant due to changes in the product or environment. This tool is also capable of creating dynamic test data sets so that you don’t use any real-world data.

AI is a technology that makes a huge difference wherever it enters, and software testing is no different. PrimeQA – The best software testing company in Ahmedabad uses AI-driven test automation, which helps you deliver great products. So, if you are looking to transform your testing process, get in touch and start delivering great products with the help of AI.



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