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Automation Testing

Often considered the best go-to automation testing tool, Selenium has earned its fame in the industry after multiple years. As more and more people adopt automation testing tools, as selenium testing services providers, we always advise them to start with the best tools in the market. If you are someone who is looking to adopt Selenium, but you are still hesitant, we will discuss the power of Selenium in this article and understand why it is the best tool for almost all requirements. 

So, let’s have a look at the reasons that make Selenium the best in its segment.

Reasons Why Selenium is the Go-to Automation Testing Tool

  • Open-source

Open-source tools are always the best options when it comes to finding the right and cost-effective ways to implement anything. Selenium is an open-source tool, so the testing cost of Selenium only includes the cost price for the experienced engineers, project managers, and other team members you hire for your needs. Being an open-source product, it has a large and active community that is helpful to everyone. Moreover, the frequent releases make this tool as stable as it gets, and new features are often released, which makes automation testing way easier than before. 

  • Multi-language Support

When choosing a testing tool, many companies often think about whether the tool supports a language that is already a part of their tech stack or not. If the tool supports a language that is part of your tech stack, learning the tool and implementing new things will be fairly easy for all your teams. 

On the other side, if the tool does not support a language that your team is comfortable with, the implementation will be challenging and not the best. To help most teams and suit the wider needs of tech products, Selenium supports languages like Java, Python, C#, Ruby, etc. If your teams are comfortable with any of these languages, they can quickly write the testing code for your automation testing projects.

  • Easy to Implement

Implementing a selenium automation testing project is fairly easy compared to other testing tools. Creating test scripts and executing them on your applications is fairly easy. Moreover, you can even monitor the tests during execution and understand whether they are targeting the desired resources or not. 

Even if you are stuck with any test script or implementation, the community is always here to help. For common issues, you’ll find ample support in forums through writeups and tutorials to help you avoid those issues. Moreover, there are tutorials and resources to learn Selenium so that implementation becomes straightforward for all your team members. 

  • Parallel Execution & Scalable

Many Selenium testing companies have multiple test suites and projects to do at one time, and this is where Selenium truly helps. It supports parallel execution of various independent test cases so that you can complete the tests in less time. Moreover, this approach is highly scalable, as you can scale it to as many test cases as you wish. 

It efficiently handles large workloads, including numerous complex test cases, and makes testing fairly easy and less time-consuming. 

  • Plugins and Extensibility

Just like all other open-source tools, Selenium also benefits largely from its community. The community often comes up with new plugins and add-ons that make the functionality of this tool even better. If you have a complex requirement, it is possible that there is a plugin or library add-on from the community that can be used with Selenium to test accurately for your needs.

  • Multi-browser Support

Selenium provides in-built multi-browser and multi-platform support that works wonders for all teams that adopt this tool. It helps you to run tests on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc browsers. Apart from the multiple browsers it supports, the tool also supports various OS and platforms so that you can understand the behavior of your apps on various platforms. 

  • Lesser Hardware Usage

Selenium is a testing tool that can be used on any commodity hardware device. Unlike other automation testing tools, Selenium requires less hardware, and it also uses fewer system resources. You can run your tests on your computer while working on something else, and there will be no issues during the test phase. Moreover, you can also have a fairly smaller hardware setup for dedicated testing, and Selenium will not mind.

While selecting a tool, everyone is very skeptical in choosing from the various options at hand. In such a situation, the best bet is to go with a testing tool that is widely used and immensely popular in the community. In this case, it is Selenium, as it has a large community that supports the tool, and new versions are always available for users. Moreover, if your team is not an expert in automation testing, you can leverage Python testing services in India that can carry out the entire automation testing process with great accuracy and support. 



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